what separates us from other asphalt companies in vacaville

Have you been looking at different asphalt companies in Vacaville and around there but haven’t found one that you absolutely want to work with? Does it feel like there are plenty of companies to choose from but you aren’t sure which is the right fit for your needs? Here at Bay Cities Asphalt, we’ve helped Vacaville and the surrounding area with asphalt repair, replacement, repavement, and many other services. We know that you don’t lack choices among asphalt companies, so we do everything we can to stand out from the rest.



To us, honesty is the best policy. Indeed, it’s the only policy. Always, we strive to complete any and all projects with the utmost integrity. To that end, we’re always glad to show potential clients our portfolio, so that they can see our prior work, talk to former clients, and so forth. We know that most folks, don’t get their asphalt fixed all that often. To that end, we always repair whenever possible, only suggesting replacement (and similar services) when absolutely necessary.


Two Decades of Experience

We’ve been doing this for more than two decades here at Bay Cities Asphalt. So, it’s by no means an exaggeration to say that we know exactly what is required for practically any kind of asphalt situation. No matter what challenges your asphalt may face, be they traffic, exposure to the elements, extreme temperatures, and anything else, we can put together a package that can meet your exact needs. We’re always glad to conduct an inspection so as to discover exactly what your asphalt needs and how we can provide it.


A Higher Level of Quality

Our goal is always, at the end of the day, to leave you with a result that you love, asphalt that you’re proud of. Whether it’s for your parking lot, your driveway, or anything else, that’s always our goal. To that end, we can provide repair services when something has gone wrong. Or, alternatively, we’re also glad to be able to offer maintenance as well. That way, we can come to your property, look over your asphalt, and see how it’s going. If something is wrong (or on the verge of being a serious problem) then we can fix it before it worsens considerably.


Standing Out from Asphalt Companies in Vacaville

The above are just some of the attributes of our asphalt company. There are many, many others: ways we can help, services that we can provide. From striping to seal coating and so much else, we can solve the problems that your asphalt has been struggling with. If you’re starting to see cracks, standing water, or it’s just been a while since a pro looked at your asphalt, we’re glad to help. You can get a free estimate by sending us a message through our website. Or, if you’d like, you can give us a call at 800-343-3661.

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