Asphalt Crack Repair

Asphalt Crack Repair

Have you noticed a crack in your parking lot? It doesn’t have to be a large one, it could just be a small one. The truth is that, unfortunately, often, a large crack didn’t start that way. Rather, it came about as a result of a small crack that grew over time. To use an analogy, it’s like a leak in your roof. Sure, it might not seem like the biggest deal if it’s very tiny, but eventually (and sometimes in a hurry) it can become an enormous problem. That’s where we come in. Here at Bay Cities Asphalt, we can provide asphalt crack repair and preventative maintenance in the Oakland CA area and beyond.


What Causes Cracks

It’s natural to think that cracks in your asphalt are solely a result of large vehicles or something of that nature, but the truth is that almost all of your cracks will be caused by water and the sun. Every day all day (literally) the sun beats down on your parking lot, drying it out. That makes it more brittle. Then, when the water does arrive (whether in the form of rain, irrigation runoff, and so forth) it will begin to erode your parking lot, over time, causing cracks, potholes, and worse. There are other sources as well, of course (heavy traffic, the movement of the earth, even the construction design of your parking lot can play a role) but water and sun are the most common.


Hot or Cold, the Right Crack Repair for the Job

As with everything else we do, at Bay Cities Asphalt, we provide customized services. That means that we can provide hot as well as cold pour sealants for your parking lot. In a strong majority of cases, hot pour crack sealants are superior, but we do offer cold pour sealants for projects that may be smaller. Hot pour sealants have proven to be very effective in multiple ways, not the least of which is helping to avoid more expensive repairs in the future.


Asphalt Crack Repair Professionals

We’re always glad to be able to provide asphalt crack repair solutions. For more than two decades, we’ve helped folks just like you to have the kind of durable and strong parking lot that they and their customers want. For a free estimate or to learn more, head to our site. You can also reach us at 800-343-3661.


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