Asphalt Company Concord CA

Asphalt Company Concord CA

Have you been searching for a concrete and asphalt company in Concord CA or the surrounding area that you can trust? Has something gone wrong with your asphalt and now you want the help of an expert? That’s where we can come in. Here at Bay Cities Asphalt, we have spent the last two-plus decades helping folks in and around Concord. Now, we can put that experience to work on your parking lot, driveway, pavement, or anywhere else you may need asphalt solutions.


Asphalt Maintenance, Repairs, and More

Asphalt is strong, sturdy, and durable. Yet, over time, under so many vehicles as well as the elements, it can wear down. When that happens,  we can provide repair services. Whether you need something as minor as pothole repairs or something as significant as asphalt overlays (or anything in between) we’ve got you covered. Utilizing the best technology as well as methods, our experts can solve your asphalt issues pronto.

By that same token, we always aim to provide repair when we can, instead of replacement. We see it as one more way that we can provide better, more customized services, all while keeping costs down for our customers. Additionally, we can provide ADA upgrades, too. That way, you’re always in compliance with ADA standards as well as Title 24.


Concrete Repair and Replacement, if Necessary

We may have the word “asphalt” in our name, but we provide plenty of concrete solutions, too. We can provide a wide range of services, from such large tasks as replacing an existing asphalt parking lot with concrete to fixing cracks and holes in your sidewalk. Beyond that, we also offer services such as concrete demolition, the removal of concrete planters, and more. From your curb to your slabs, driveway to walkway, and everywhere else, if you have a concrete problem, we have a solution.


Parking Lots and More

No two parking lots are exactly the same. So, to make sure that your parking lot is exactly what it should be, we provide customized solutions. For so many of our customers, that includes “seal coating.” Essentially, every two to three years, we coat your parking lot to help it handle added wear, making it better and safer overall.

Additionally, we can fill in any cracks or potholes that your parking lot may have. Beyond paving, we can also refresh road markings, such as arrows, stop stencils, and any curb striping you may need. Moreover, we can prepare your wheel stops, traffic signs, and similar items, too.


An Expert Asphalt Company in Concord CA

The services listed above are just a fraction of what we offer. Here at Bay Cities Asphalt, we are always glad to provide references, to show our portfolio, to help you to feel at ease with our company. We’re quite proud of our work and how we’re the highest-rated paving contractor in Northern California. To see how we can help, you can get a free quote through our site. Or, alternatively, you can call us at 800-343-3661.


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