Asphalt Overlay

Asphalt Overlay

Are you looking for the best, most economical way to repair your asphalt? Do you want your asphalt to look as good as new while still using a majority of the existing asphalt surface? Then the right option for you may be an asphalt overlay. For more than two decades, we’ve provided multiple kinds of overlays for those in Sacramento CA and the greater Northern California area. Today, we can do the same for your lot, helping it to look its very best while doing everything on time and budget.


What an Overlay Replaces

To explain what an overlay is, it’s perhaps best to start with what it’s replacing. Decades ago, the most effective way to fix an asphalt parking lot that had seen better days was to remove and replace the asphalt. That was, as you might imagine, expensive and time-consuming. Yes, sometimes it’s still the best course of action, but more often than not, there’s a repair or some other kind of less expensive and easier process. Hence, the rise of the asphalt overlay.


What an Overlay is

Think of it as adding new asphalt on top of the asphalt you already have, so that you have better asphalt than ever. Basically, we pave over your existing, worn-down asphalt surface with an entirely new level of asphalt. The two layers are fused together through a binder that’s similar to glue and we pave it with an asphalt paving machine. That way, to anyone who comes across your lot, it will seem entirely as if it was paved anew. Now, this isn’t a permanent solution. But, it can be the best solution for your budget, time frame, and more. Our staff is always glad to discuss options with you so that you can find the right one.


Petromat Overlay: Another Option

Yes, our company is called “Bay Cities Asphalt,” but we also provide some solutions that aren’t just asphalt. For one: the petromat overlay. Similar to asphalt, instead, it’s a nonwoven petroleum fabric. It’s important to note just how strong this fabric is, as it creates a very strong water barrier between the new asphalt and the old. Many of our customers have been able to extend the life of their asphalt by more than a decade by utilizing this petromat overlay. To determine exactly what the best option for your asphalt is, you’re welcome to reach us through our site or call 800-343-3661.


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