Asphalt Sealcoating

Asphalt Sealcoating

Are you beginning to worry about your asphalt parking lot? Does it seem like it’s wearing down and there’s not much you can do about it? The truth is that there is something you can do. Specifically, sealcoating. This process is more or less what it sounds like: our company can apply a protective coat of liquid emulsion to your parking lot in Sacramento CA and the surrounding area. Moreover, we can do this at a price that’s right for your business, too. There are many benefits to getting your sealcoating from the experts.


How Sealcoating Can Help

Here in Northern California, we’re fortunate to get so much great sun at different times of the year. All that sun, however, can take a real toll on asphalt. Sealcoating can help. By that same token, it can fill those holes and cracks that may build over time, the ones that water could potentially penetrate, leading to further problems. What most people don’t realize about sealcoating is that it can even make your traffic markings and lines that much more visible, too. If you’ve had repairs done, such as trenching and patching, sealcoating can make them less noticeable or even hide them. All in all, sealcoating is great for extending your pavement’s life.


What’s in Sealcoating?

The answer is, not that much, really. That’s part of what makes it so effective. It mostly consists of water, asphalt, and aggregate. That’s it. There aren’t so many unnatural ingredients or anything of that nature. Moreover, it can be applied very precisely, too, as our experts are always more than happy to demonstrate. We can do it manually or with a machine, depending on your lot. Indeed, we see it as one more way that we can provide our customers with customized solutions.


Asphalt Sealcoating for Lasting Solutions

Sealcoating is something that, over time, can pay for itself in terms of how it helps your parking lot. For example, when it comes to preventative maintenance and heading off potential problems, every two years, getting sealcoating is considered the best course of action. That said, should you have recently had an asphalt overlay, best practices include giving that four to six months to cure before sealcoating. As with every other service that we offer, we’re always glad to talk about how it can help you and your asphalt. For a free estimate, head to our site or call 800-343-3661.


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