Parking Lot Maintenance

Parking Lot Maintenance

Has your parking lot begun to look worse for wear? Are there cracks and holes in your parking lot that you just can’t ignore anymore? A parking lot, for good or for ill, is so often the very first thing a person sees when they arrive at a facility. If it’s in great condition, they’re liable to think well of the building – and vice versa. Here at Bay Cities Asphalt, we’ve helped so many parking lots in Napa CA and the surrounding area to not only look great but to be durable, too. Now, we can put our parking lot maintenance and repair experience to work for you.


Customized Professional Services

How often do you have your parking lot looked at by a professional? The standard wisdom is that you need to have your cracks filled, your parking lot striping done, and more every two years or so. However, as we’ve learned over the years, no two parking lots are the same. Some parking lots only receive a bit of traffic whereas others are under heavy traffic daily. So, we make sure to tailor our services to every parking lot. When you reach out to us, our professionals can look at your parking lot, determine what’s needed, and then tell you how we can help.


Services that We Offer

One of our most popular services is sealcoating. There’s many good reasons for that, not the least of which is: it works. At all times, we follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for methods, application rate and more, all to the proverbial “T.” The more wear that your parking lot has, the more coats we can put down. Traffic, though, isn’t the only factor that can wear down your Northern California parking lot. Every year, rain and the elements can do a number, too. That’s why we always recommend having your cracks filled before the rains arrive.


When to Get This Done

If you’re asking yourself “should I have my pavement removed,” it’s one of the rare times when you should answer a question with a question. That question is: “How old is your parking lot?” If it’s 15 years of age or older, then it’s most likely time to consider removing the current pavement and replacing it with new pavement. Should you have seen spider cracking on your existing pavement, then you will absolutely want to get help from the pros then, too.


Parking Lot Maintenance and Beyond

Our parking lot maintenance services aren’t limited to just sealcoating and crack filling. For example, we can handle all of your striping, too. Your arrow, your stop stencils and more should be refreshed every year more or less. We can handle all of that as well as any parking lot signs that you might have which are in need of repair. Wheel stops, bollards, traffic signs, and others can wear down, too. For a free estimate, head to our site or call us at 800-343-3661.


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