Asphalt Grinding & Milling

Asphalt Grinding & Milling

Did you (or a previous owner of your parking lot) pave a new asphalt layer over the previous one, year after year? Are there now several layers of asphalt on your parking lot, to the point where it becomes an eyesore (if not an outright problem?) This is a far, far more common circumstance than many people think. As with just about anything else related to asphalt, we can help. Here at Bay Cities Aphals, we can provide the high caliber level of milling and grinding that your asphalt deserves. These repairs can make your parking lot what you want it to be.


Customize Asphalt Grinding and Milling

The truth is that no two parking lots (or other areas covered with asphalt) are the same. So, the grinding and milling that they require to make them right shouldn’t be the same, either. At Bay Cities Asphalt, we take great pride in providing customized solutions. That means that our professionals will take a look at your asphalt and then talk to you about exactly what it is that you’ll need and no more. From there, we can help you to make the best decision for you and your asphalt.


Small Milling and Grinding

Whenever possible, we take it upon ourselves to offer the most economical approach. So, when it comes to a grinding and/or milling project that’s a bit on the small size, we make sure to provide you only with what you need. Typically, this would be one worker with the best, most technologically advanced equipment. We know that, in this area, you have plenty of options when it comes to grinding and milling professionals. Thus, we do everything we can to have the best tech as well as services. We know how to provide repairs that last so that you can enjoy your parking lot for a long time to come.


Medium and Large

We believe in providing the team and the right tools for the job. Thus, when it comes to grinding and milling, we can send out a team ready to help with a “skid steer style grinder” for what are considered “medium” jobs. For larger ones, that’s when we bring out our heaviest duty equipment: the equipment used for road milling, asphalt pulverization, and other machines that may look like something out of science fiction. We’re committed to providing the right services for our customers in the Concord CA area and beyond. For a free estimate, visit our site or call 800-343-3661.


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