Asphalt Company in Sacramento CA

Asphalt Company in Sacramento CA

Have you been looking for an asphalt company in Sacrament or the surrounding area that you can rely on? Do you want one with the highest rating as well as decades of experience? That’s what we can provide at Bay Cities Asphalt. For more than two decades and across three generations, we’ve provided asphalt solutions in and around Sacramento. Now, we can put our concrete and asphalt company in Sacramento CA experience to work for you and your project.


Asphalt Repair and Replacement If Necessary

Asphalt is used because it’s sturdy, durable, and made to last for decades. However, to keep it in its best condition, routine maintenance and repairs must be performed. Asphalt, no matter where it is in the Sacramento area, can be damaged over time, due to use, the elements, and so much more. We provide a variety of services that can strengthen your asphalt.

Here, we provide customized solutions. Should tiny cracks, potholes, or the like appear in your asphalt, we can repair them before they become larger, more significant problems. We always recommend preventative maintenance. That way, we can keep small problems from becoming catastrophes. Through this, we’re more likely to be able to repair your asphalt. However, should replacement be the best course of action, we can make sure to replace your asphalt efficiently, on time, and on budget.


The Right Answers for Your Concrete

Do you have an asphalt parking lot that you would like to replace with a concrete one? Do you already have a concrete lot but it is no longer in its best condition? We offer a complete line of concrete repair, maintenance, and, if necessary, replacement services. If there’s something on your property made of concrete, odds are we can help with it.

From sidewalks to your curbs and gutters, from ramps and docks to swales and flow lines, from your driveway to even demolition services, we provide a wide range of concrete services. Additionally, we can help to make your property more ADA-compliant as well.


A Parking Lot How You Want It

Our customized asphalt repair and maintenance can make sure that we provide the right solution for your asphalt. That means filling any cracks as they arise, seal coating every two to three years, and more. Moreover, we can provide striping services as well. Annually, we can refresh your stop stencils, arrows, and more. As to your ADA-stripped stalls as well as the parking stall lines, we can paint those once every two years.


An Asphalt Company in Sacramento CA You Can Trust

Those are just a few of the asphalt services that we provide in Sacramento and the surrounding area. Our goal is to be able to help you with anything that should arise in regards to your asphalt, concrete, and more. Whether you need help with a sidewalk, parking lot, driveway, or something similar, we’ve got your back. You can reach out to us at our site for a free quote or you can give us a call at 800-343-3661.


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