Concrete Repair Services

Concrete Repair Services

Has your concrete begun to wear down? Is your concrete in need of repair, as it’s begun to have cracks and worse? Yes, we named our company Bay Cities Asphalt. But, we can provide so much more than just asphalt. Case in point: concrete repair. For years, we’ve provided top-notch concrete services in addition to asphalt ones for our clients in Oakland CA and beyond. No matter whether you have a commercial, industrial, or retail concrete lot, we can provide effective and lasting solutions.


What We Can Repair

Basically, anything that you might find in a parking lot. So, we’re able to repair sidewalks and driveways, of course. But, we can also repair your gutters, curbs, and slabs as well. We’ve repaired so many ADA handicap ramps, too. The truth is that, whenever possible, you want to have your concrete repaired. Yes, if necessary, we can replace it. However, we’d prefer that it doesn’t come to that. Indeed, many of our clients have reached out to us because they wanted someone to look at their concrete and see if there were any problems. That kind of preventative maintenance can save you a lot of money going forward.


A Few of the Services We Offer

It’s important to note that our “concrete repair” services aren’t limited to just “fixing the concrete that you have there.” For example, so many call us when it’s time to remove something concrete from their premises. Concrete islands and planters aren’t exactly the kinds of things that a person can just pick up and carry away. We can remove those or, if necessary, demolish them, too. Beyond that, we can even extend a piece of concrete out further, should you so desire. Alternatively, if you’ve decided that you want a concrete parking lot to replace your asphalt one, we can do that as well.


Concrete Solutions for Concrete Problems

Concrete is strong, it’s sturdy. That’s just one of the many, many reasons that it’s been so popular for so many years. Yet, over a course of years, under heavy traffic, even the best concrete can eventually crack and wear down. You don’t want to have to pay for concrete replacement unless you absolutely have to. That’s where we can come in. We can look at your concrete and then tell you exactly what we can do and why. For a free estimate, you can check out our site or you can call us at 800-343-3661.


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