Asphalt Company Vacaville CA

Asphalt Company Vacaville CA

Has your asphalt begun to show some wear and tear? Does your driveway or parking lot have cracks, holes, and worse? Those are just some of the problems that we can solve. Our concrete and asphalt company in Vacaville CA has helped commercial, retail, and industrial companies for more than two decades. Over the course of three generations, here at Bay Cities Asphalt, we’ve provided our clients with customized asphalt and concrete solutions. Now, we can do the same for you.


Asphalt Repair, Maintenance, and Replacement

Today’s small asphalt problem can become a large one tomorrow. If left alone, cracks widen, holes get larger, and so forth. Utilizing the best, most cutting-edge technology, our professionals can come out to your property, determine exactly what the problem is as well as how we can fix it. Then, we’ll get right to work, providing solutions that last. As with everything we do, this will be on time as well as on budget. We offer customized solutions to fit every budget.

By that same token, whenever possible, we strongly recommend preventative maintenance. That way, we can find and fix your problems before they worsen, so that you always have asphalt that looks and feels exactly how you want. Beyond simply fixing issues, we can also assist with ADA upgrades, too. Through our comprehensive understanding of ADA standards in addition to Title 24, we can work to make sure that you are in compliance.


Concrete Done Properly

When there’s a problem with your concrete, it’s noticeable. That’s true whether yours is a retail, commercial, or industrial property. To that end, we offer concrete paving and repair services that are just as top-notch as our asphalt ones. Essentially, if there’s something amiss with your concrete, we have a service to make it how you want. From fixing sidewalks to removing concrete planters, concrete demolition to concrete driveway repair, we can provide the kind of concrete solutions that last.


Customized Parking Lot Solutions

Customers, clients, investors, workers, and just about everyone else judges a facility, in part, by its parking lot. To ensure that your parking lot is always seen as you want it to be seen, we offer many services. Sealcoating can help your parking lot to withstand the wear and tear, while crack filling helps extend the lifespan of your parking lot while making it a safer overall environment. We can even help with parking lot striping, refreshing your road markings, and so much more.


Established Asphalt Company in Vacaville CA

We know that, when it comes to Vacaville and the surrounding area, you have no shortage of concrete and asphalt companies to choose from. To that end, we’re always glad to refer you to past clients and show our portfolio. We’re quite proud to be the highest-rated asphalt paving company in Northern California. To see how we can help you, you can get a free quote through our site. To learn more, you can give call us at 800-343-3661.


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