Wheel Stops

Wheel Stops

Are you looking for another way to make your parking lot that much safer? Do you want the very best in wheel stops for your lot? That’s exactly what we offer here at Bay Cities Asphalt. For Concord CA and the surrounding area, we can provide the kinds of wheel stops that will make your entire parking lot that much safer. Moreover, we’ll install them, too, so that they have the exact right wheel stops for your lot. We can help you to find the right option.


What Wheel Stops Can Do

The wheel stops that we offer can be placed wherever you want them to be. Most of our clients have them to prevent them from parking on sidewalks or going into the median but really, you can use them for any restricted area. We offer multiple kinds of wheel stops, as well. Whether you’re best served by concrete wheel stops or rubber ones, we can help. With these options, we can put together a package of wheel stops that fit your lot as well as your budget.


Concrete Wheel Stops

Durable. That’s concrete wheel stops in a word. These are as strong as wheel stops can be. When it comes to long-lasting, nothing beats concrete wheel stops. Plus, if you’re worried about someone stealing them, don’t be. These wheel stops aren’t going anywhere. Additionally, concrete door stops are one of the more affordable options, too. These are actually less pricey than our other options. Should you choose to get concrete wheel stops, our team can come out to your facility and install them in a safe, efficient manner.


Rubber Wheel Stops

Wheel stops to fit your aesthetic – that’s what rubber wheel stops can do. They can actually be purchased in multiple colors, so you can make them to fit your style and your lot. Additionally, they’re good for the environment – all of the rubber is recycled. They may not be as durable as the concrete stops, but they won’t chip or break, either. These are durable in their own way.


The Right Wheel Stop for You

It’s entirely possible that you read to this point of the page and aren’t sure which wheel stops are right for you. That’s perfectly, completely understandable. We’re always glad to talk to prospective customers about picking the right wheel stops for them. You can get a free estimate at our site or give us a call at 800-343-3661.


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