is your asphalt pavement contractor up to par

Is your asphalt pavement contractor up to par? Perhaps you’re not sure whether you’re receiving the most satisfactory service. As a homeowner, you understand the significance of maintaining your property. Pavement upkeep is a top priority for every homeowner. An asphalt driveway or street is a crucial part of your home’s aesthetics and functionality; therefore, it’s necessary to employ a professional asphalt contractor to maintain it.

Doing your homework before selecting a contractor is crucial since not all of them are made equal. In this article, we’ll discuss how to go about selecting a reliable asphalt paving service provider. Do your homework before committing to an asphalt pavement contractor if you need a new driveway. Here are things to keep in mind:



While some homeowners may not give their driveway’s curb appeal any thought, others will significantly enhance its visual appeal. Maybe you’ve been debating whether or not it’s time to resurface the entry to your house or whether or not a fresh coat of sealant would keep your asphalt looking like new. When looking for a company to resurface your asphalt pavement, you want to trust that they will do the job right and that they know what they’re doing (which is why it’s best to work with someone who has experience in this area).

Hence, the first step is to find an asphalt pavement contractor in your area who can do the job. Check the contractor’s track record to be sure they have worked on comparable projects and have expertise with asphalt upkeep. Check references and make sure you know what credentials to look for. Be sure to choose a reputable business if reliability is high on your list of priorities.



Although asphalt is generally durable, even a little fissure may make for a miserable commute. When this occurs, it’s time to take care of the issue. Some may argue that repairing asphalt is as simple as pouring hot asphalt into the hole. Repairing asphalt potholes is a little more involved than that, however. If you want your asphalt patch to last as long as possible, it’s essential to follow the correct technique for repairing it, which might vary depending on the extent of the damage.

To choose a reliable asphalt pavement contractor, you should verify their references and get feedback from other professionals who have dealt with them. Since you don’t want your new pothole to be filled with water before next summer, choosing someone with the necessary skills to get the work done without causing further complications is essential. If you want the repairs to endure over a few months, ensure they’re utilizing high-quality materials.


Portfolio of an Asphalt Pavement Contractor

You wouldn’t employ a painter who only had one sample work to show you, and you shouldn’t select an asphalt contractor who just had one project under their belt, either. For instance, if they provide you with a quote for your driveway, which would be the first driveway they have ever completed, how can you be confident that they won’t screw it up? A fair rule of thumb is that if a firm has a portfolio of five projects or fewer, they haven’t been in business long enough to know what they’re doing honestly. This is because a company with a portfolio of five projects or less has been in business for at least five years. Before deciding on one of their designs for your house, you should first examine at least ten other samples of their work.



The warranties may cover different things, so reading the fine print is essential. Warranty duration varies per product, but you should choose one that gives you sufficient time to evaluate the quality of the service provided. Free labor warranties that exclude the materials used by the contractor are one warning indicator that the company is attempting to transfer blame for poor artistry onto you.

Check your asphalt pavement contractor to see if there are any limits on where/when they would fix a fault, but generally, a good guarantee covers anything from structural flaws to sloppy, unfinished craftsmanship. Three years is the minimum acceptable duration for a warranty, and a lifetime warranty is ideal. Long-term costs can increase if the contractor you choose does not provide a solid guarantee. In the future, you may have to pay for new paving or repairs that weren’t covered by the guarantee.



If you need a new asphalt contractor to handle your paving, check that they are adequately insured before hiring them. Despite the abundance of possible service providers, ensuring they have enough insurance coverage before hiring them is crucial. General liability insurance is the most frequent since it pays for harm done to others due to a business’s carelessness. Worker’s compensation is another safety net in case an employee gets hurt.

This is standard procedure for demolition operations and similar high-risk activities. Last but not least, an asphalt pavement contractor must get umbrella insurance if someone else’s carelessness causes an accident involving their equipment or employees. Proof of each insurance should be readily available from any reputable asphalt paving contractor, giving you peace of mind in an accident.

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