parking lot repair

Does your parking lot seemingly look worse every day? Have you noticed that there are cracks and gaps in your parking lot that are starting to be a problem? No matter what business you’re in, the parking lot can make (or break) a first impression. Over the years, we’ve helped so many of our customers to have the kind of parking lot that presents your place of business in the way you would like. Moreover, our parking lot repair and maintenance can keep it that way for a long time to come.


Parking Lot Repair and Maintenance for Your Business

When it comes to repairing a parking lot, there’s certainly no “one size fits all.” In fact, the opposite is true: every parking lot is different. They have different shapes, different environmental conditions, different levels of traffic, and so much more. Here at Bay Cities Asphalt, we provide customized solutions. That way, we’re able to give our customers the kind of repair solution that perfectly fits their parking lot every time.


Sealcoating and More

While every parking lot is different, there are some services that can help a strong majority of parking lots. Case in point: sealcoating. We’ve provided sealcoating to parking lots all throughout the Bay Area for a long time. That’s because, to put it simply, it’s very effective. Many parking lots, even those that have been very worn down, can be helped by sealcoating. In fact, we’ve been able to put more coats down the more wear that a parking lot has to deal with.


The Right Time to Get Your Parking Lot Repaired

The simple answer to “when should I get my lot repaired” is “when you notice cracks.” Even then, you certainly want to get those fixed before the rains come (as they can worsen the situation considerably). That said, if you’re like so many of our clients, you want to head off any parking lot problems before they become, well, problems. To that end, we recommend reaching out to parking lot professionals every two years.


Maintenance for Today and Tomorrow

For so many of our clients, every couple of years or so, we’ll come to their parking lot, and then draw upon our experience and use the best materials to fill the cracks, to refresh/repaint all of their parking lot striping and, basically, make their parking lot look as good as new. Through this, we’re able to keep cracks, holes, and other concerns to a minimum.


Beyond Your Parking Lot

Parking lot maintenance and fixes are some of our most popular services, yes, but they’re far from all that we offer. Indeed, we have many other services, too. We understand that you have plenty of options when it comes to your asphalt, concrete, and parking lot maintenance. So, we do everything in our power to stand out from the rest. See the difference by getting a free estimate at our site or calling us at 800-343-3661.

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