the benefits of re asphalting in sacramento and beyond

“Well, I guess it’s time to think about re-asphalting, but I don’t know if it’s really the right time.” “Do I really need re-asphalting?” Over the years, we’ve talked to plenty of business owners who have asked some version of those questions. Really, it’s perfectly understandable: so many business owners, rightly, only think about their parking lots when something is obviously, clearly wrong. However, getting your lot re-asphalted can have plenty of benefits. There are many reasons that we offer re-asphalting in Sacramento and the surrounding area.


A Parking Lot that Looks and Feels Like New

One of the most common things we hear after a re-asphalting job is: “My parking lot looks like new!” Yes, yes it does. This process makes it so that your parking lot has that rich, deep coloring that the freshest parking lots have. By that same token, it’ll be about as strong as it was when it was new, too. See, most asphalt can last about a decade, fifteen years, somewhere around there. After that, any parking lot starts to break down. Re-asphalting can, quite literally, add years to the life of your parking lot.


Saves You Time and Money, Today and Tomorrow

Re-asphalting is just one of the many services we offer. For example, we also offer to replace/repaving, too. However, those tend to be far, far more expensive than just re-asphalting. As small business owners ourselves, we understand how important your budget is to you. Thus, by opting for re-asphalting now, you’re saving yourself from having to spend big bucks on replacement down the road.


Safe From the Environment, Come What May

Earlier in this blog, we mentioned how asphalt tends to last about ten to fifteen years. However, that number can be shortened considerably. How? Through exposure. Exposure to the elements, rain, snow, the UV rays of the sun, and so forth. Additionally, it can be worn down by heavy traffic, day after day. By getting your parking lot re-asphalted, you’re actually providing better protection against water penetration, which can do so much damage to your lot over time.


Re Asphalting in Sacramento and More

Re-asphalting may be one of our most common and popular services, yet it is just one of the services that we have to offer. Indeed, over the three-plus decades that we’ve been doing this, we’ve been able to provide any number of parking lot services all across Northern California. For a free quote, you can go through our site or you can call.

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